• List of Trusted QQ Domino Sites and Trusted Online Poker

    Dominoqq and online poker sites are usually the same, meaning that in one site there are always dominoqq and poker games. Both games are very difficult to separate because they fall into the category of card games. For those of you who have often played card gambling surely know the difference between these two games. For those who have never been, an explanation of the two games below might help you.

    Equation of Domino QQ and Online Poker

    Before discussing the differences between dominoes and poker, it helps us discuss the similarities first. So qq and poker are both included in the category of card games. Both of these games also use special tricks to win, even though luck is the one that dominates the most. It is the owner of the card with high scores who usually wins the game.

    Both of these games are in the same best gambling site and cannot be separated. How to play it is almost the same, the player must choose a betting table, a chair, then start playing, the difference is how to play and the winning conditions. An explanation of the differences between Dominoes and Poker will be discussed further below.

    Difference between Domino QQ and Poker

    As we have discussed above, domino qiu qiu and poker differ in many ways such as the cards used, the number of cards, the rules of the game, the number of players, the winning conditions and so on. Let's discuss one by one to be more clear, the first is domino qq or domino 99 or you can also call it online qq.

    Domino qq uses 28 dominoes. This card is marked with dots as the value. It is said 99 or qq because the player with a score of 99 or the highest score approaching 99 wins the game. So later the players will be distributed four dominoes by the bookie. The cards are dealt two by two in different sides, left and right. The sum of the card values ​​is taken from the sum of the two cards on the left that are combined with the value of the two cards on the right.

    The winner is the owner of the value of 99 or the highest value approaching 99. But there are also other winning provisions such as possession of rare cards and log cards. You can try playing Dominoqq in game form if you want to understand it. Games are not like gambling that has to bet with certain money, so you can understand it more deeply without fear of losing a lot of money.

    Next we discuss poker. Poker is very different. For poker, the cards used are bridge cards or 52 playing cards. These cards will be dealt to each player as many as 2 cards. And the city itself has three cards that will be flipped or issued one by one. Now the provisions of poker winners are based on a combination of the two player cards with the three cards that are on the game table.

    The winner is the player who has the highest card combination. There are many levels of card combinations that you can learn first before trying poker gambling. Usually poker players use strategies when raising bets. They try to bully the opponent and make the opponent fold by raising the bet. From the explanation above, it can be seen that the game of dominoqq and poker is very different right?